The Strength and Weaknesses of Web Proxies

Web proxies are created to strengthen our browsing with security and not risking our privacy. But then it is not created perfectly. It has its own glitches that needed to be observed and manage. However, with weaknesses it is the stepping stone for gaining strength.

Web proxies provide you the strength of:

  • An IP address that will cover your own IP address, this will make you anonymous in surfing the web and protect your privacy.
  • Saving some data transfer rate or bandwidth as the web proxy compresses the traffic.
  • Blocking all the tracking cookies that may gather all your important information.
  • Eliminating ads from websites that consumes space and loading time.
  • Filtering and caching files to speed up loading.
  • Hindering or blocking malicious websites in entering your computer.
  • Being a filter itself. Filtering content or blocking sites like networking sites, gaming sites, and porn sites are very helpful in providing security to your own network.
  • Overcoming some locations with specific content restrictions.
  • Removing unimportant data from the files you are searching to provide faster connections.
  • Providing network performance improvements.
  • Hiding your identity.
  • Protecting you from spam and hacker attacks.
  • Reducing the time you use for fetching the files.
  • Building firewall to prevent hackers from entering a private network.
  • Evaluating all the requests and making sure to serve the data you really wanted.
  • Implementing geo-location testing to customize and leading you to the right page with your current location.
  • Sharing internet connections on a LAN with other computers within your network.
  • Authenticating of internet connection, bandwidth control, internet web filter, online time control and content filter.
  • Scanning outbound content in order for protecting data leakage.


Web proxies if not possibly access or use well, weakens your

  • Security and threatens your privacy as your identity is exposed every time you browse the internet.
  • Data security, as all data pass through this web proxy server, in case of conspiracy or scheme there would be data exposure and exploitation
  • Possibility of recognizing malicious web proxy server that may cause you to enter important information to the wrong web proxy
  • Benefits of gaining a free worry browsing in the internet and risking your accounts important data including passwords and account numbers.
  • Speed in searching for important details in the web.

Whatever the strengths and the weaknesses of a web proxies, it is still very important that the user must be very wise in dealing, choosing and testing the best web proxies that they think will be a great advantage and give relevant content.

More advantages with web proxies tools:

  • HTTP proxy is a server that processes your requests to the internet from your web browser and returns the results to your browser. It can block cookies, you can always see latest version within the website, with blacklist list tool, auto save tool and among others.


  • Cheap Proxy can also be useful but not so reliable, but if you choose cheap proxy, it is also available in countries around the world, you can be anonymous in your browsing, no need for logging and strongly encrypted VPN tunnels which will surely hide your identity.


  • You can also use proxy for scraping to maintain anonymity as you are scraping for data in the web. There are many available proxies for scraping that offer free trial and receive your proxy IP address or port number. With trusted proxy, you can search important details in the web with security.


Web proxy if chosen well and use well, will surely ensure your security and your identity remain private. Everything is created with a purpose and web proxies are created to protect.

The Strength and Weaknesses of Web Proxies

P2P Proxy with cURL

1. Open new account

Open new account on P2P Proxy Network and purchase credits. you have to remember that the proxy servers updates every 5 minutes, please wait 5 minutes if you fail to connect.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.10.40 AM
Purchase credits

2. Configure your account

We have to add our IP address in “Manage IPs” section. you can get your IP address from here:

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.07.58 AM
Your IP address from

Add your IP to the list by clicking on “Add”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.10.20 AM
Add your IP in

After adding new IP we have to wait 5 minutes for reverse proxy update.

3. Get reverse proxy IP and Port

Go to “Dashboard” from side menu and copy the reverse proxy address and port from “REVERSE PROXY ADDR:PORT” info box

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.19.37 AM
Reverse proxy address & port


4. Terminal

Open you terminal and use curl with -x option

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.43.59 AM
cURL with Reverse proxy
P2P Proxy with cURL